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fiber glass
1974 - 1975 Reproduction Fiberglass Front Lower Splash Pan, B
umper Cover and Front Spoiler.


Reproduction Fiberglass Front Bumperettes

(discontinued, please call)


fiber glass
:: 1977 - 1978 Reproduction Fiberglass Front Center Spoiler

1978-1981 New Trans Am Fenders

(Available Now!)


New Hoods

(Available Now!)

Trans Am $419.95

Firebird $399.95

Picture Coming
fiber glass
:: 1976 Reproduction Fiberglass Front Center Spoiler - Call
1970 - 1978 Wheel Well Spoilers
The best souning street muffler around.

The Exclusive Texas T/A Muffler

Low Profile - Hi-Performance.  Follow Link for Sound.

air conditioner
AC Hoses for all Second Generation Firebirds
air conditioning

1977-1979 Red Center Caps.


$59.95 each

1977-1979 Gold Center Caps.


$59.95 each

New GM center caps with gold or red Firebird emblems.  These caps feature metal retaining clips for attachment to the wheels.  $19.95 each or set of 4 for $74.95

New Ram Air Restoration RA-III and RA-IV/ 455HO/ 455SD factory headers for the Pontiac engine.  Call for application and pricing.  

Late Second Generation Split Tail Pipes (exhaust tip).  2 1/4 inch diameter.

Completely molded for perfect fit.

Auto Custom Carpets - Texas Trans Am S&R is your source for the "Worlds Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Floor Coverings ".  Carpet available for most any make and model of restoration.   Please e-mail or call 817-563-2121 for pricing.

Camel Headliner material - Texas Trans Am Exclusive. Please e-mail or call 817-563-2121 for pricing.  

Camel Hobnail seat material - Texas Trans Am Exclusive.  Available by the yard or as seat covers for installation on your own seat frames.  Please e-mail or call 817-563-2121 for pricing.  

New Original Equipment Reproduction Dash

15 x 8 and 15 x 7 inch aluminum Snowflake wheels. 
snow flake alloy rims )
Alloy Wheel Refinishing service available

NEW :: Functional Hood Shaker Scoop Flap $129.00
New Shaker Scoop seal for 1977 - 81 $39.95

Sub Frame Assemblies

F-body front sub-frame and rear frame rails.

Standard Body Parts
Quarter pannel ready for transplant

Most body parts are from 1970 through 1981 model firebirds

project bodies, shells, rear quarter panels, doors, front fenders, hoods, shaker scoops, roofs, Hurst & Fisher t-top roofs, trunk lids, floor pans, trunk panels, inner fenders, tail lights, tail light panels, front & rear bumpers, bumper covers (noses, front caps), fender flares, front & rear spoilers - Please e-mail or call 817-563-2121 for availability & pricing.

Fiberglass Body Parts
Racing panels, Stock Hood, L-88 Hood 3", 400 Hood - Long scoop, '70 One Piece Front, 70-73 Front Bumper w/Val., Cowl Hood 3.5", L-88 Hood 3", Twin Turbo Hood 2", Daytona Hood 2', Trunk Lid, '79-'81 Pro Front End, Door - Hinge type, Door - Outer skin, Trunk Lid
fiber glass
Some 3rd Generation Firebird and early GTO parts

Engine & Drive Train

Most parts are from 1970 through 1981 model Firebirds - Complete Engines, Engine blocks, carburetors, intakes, exhaust manifolds, heads, aluminum billet pulleys and under-drive pulleys, Turbo (TH) 350, 400 & manual transmissions, rear Positrac axles, air breathers, Rally II rims, aluminum Turbo rims, 7" & 8" snowflake/ws6 alloy wheels and occasionally honeycomb rims - Please e-mail or call 817-563-2121 for availability & pricing.


Most parts from 1970 through 1981 model Firebirds

Headliners, steering wheels, center consoles, plastic dash pad cover for '70 through '78 and '79 through '81 Firebird, dash bezels, gauges, seats, carpet, upholstery,  - Please e-mail or call 817-563-2121 for availability & pricing.

Texas Trans Am Stuff

tee-shirt tee shirt
Texas Trans Am Service
"Retro" 100% Heavy Weight White or Black Cotton T-Shirt.  $13.95

Embroidered Pontiac Chick 100% Cotton Spaghetti Strap Tank Top in white or gray with red straps.  $16.95

Embroidered Texas Trans Am Khaki Ball Cap or Black & Gold Special Edition. $13.95

Embroidered Texas Trans Am, Poly/Cotton Williamson-Dickies Shop Shirt. $26.95

Firebird Wall Clock :: This battery powered 14" diameter Firebird Wall Clock has a plastic face and aluminum bezel. One AA battery required.  $44.95

Thanks to our friends who modeled our "Stuff".  John from Mississippi, Evonna from Texas, Luann from Michigan, Misty and Chrisha from Texas, and you know David.

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